Tokyo Splosion: A Comedy Podcast

Tokyo Splosion is a comedy podcast from the bowels of the world's most tentacled mega city. The show's mysteries, improv bits, tall tales, and friendliness should appeal to even those with little to no interest in Tokyo or Japan.
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Nov 1, 2021

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Kyle is working on a documentary project about interesting people in Japan in collaboration with the fine folks over at

This episode is a cross post in collaboration with Japan Station podcast. Check out the cool stuff they do over there:

Jun 6, 2021

In this episode, Zac presents his cases against Alek, Cal, and Kyle in friendship court. Also, the guys come up with some interesting mascots, and argue about some dumb pointless stuff.

Track of the week: Ruby Ring ( ルビーの指環) by Akira Terao

Feb 21, 2021

This week Kyle and Cal are joined once again by Zac (@GaijinWota.) They receive transmission from Alek from the frontlines of a violent chili dog war as they discuss hijinks the Seinfeld cast would get in to if they lived in Japan.

Track of the week: Suki Suki Suki by The Sadistic Mika Band.

Nov 8, 2020

The seasons are changing, and so are our bodies in this installment of Tokyo Splosion.

Thanks to special guest Zac Saxton (@GaijinWota)

Track of the week: N.E.O by CHAI

Aug 31, 2020

It's late Summer 2020 and we're FIRED UP over: imaginary Japanese summer festivals, discount grocery store chains, and Cal's new job as a ramenboy. 

Special thanks to and their many interesting projects. Check em out! 

Track of the week: くるり (Quruli) - 琥珀色の街、上海蟹の朝 (Amber Colored City, The Morning of The Shanghai Crab)

May 3, 2020

Ah, Spring. The blossoms are blossoming, the birds are chirping, and we are all mostly stuck inside. Why? Because a relatively obscure creature from a Sega Dreamcast game has escaped and is wreaking havoc around the world.

Learn all about it in this episode, along with the answer to the question "What is scarier: someone with their nose sticking out of their surgical mask, or having your eyes gouged out?"

Track of the week: The Lower Classes by Tokyo Jihen (aka The Tokyo Incidents)

Jan 19, 2020

Welcome to Tokyo Splosion Quarterly. A celebration of the seasons and how they affect our daily lives in the Tokyo area. But mostly it's an excuse to drink together and talk about farts and stuff.

In this installment, we talk about winter in Tokyo. We play some games, try some seasonal Japanese drinks, and share an experience with death and Buddhist funerals.

Track of the week: Made in Japan by Buck Owens

Aug 25, 2019

Welcome to Tokyo Splosion Quarterly! We are now a quarterly podcast releasing comedic ruminations focused on the changing seasons and how they influence our every day lives in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

In this rambunctious Summer 2019 installment Cal is assaulted by a Kafka-esque cicada, we play an ice cream game, we talk about festivals in Japan, and Alek doesn't like Cal's socks.

Track of the week: シモキタ音頭 (Shimokita Ondo) by 馬浪マラカス団 (Uma nami marakasu-dan)

May 11, 2019

We're back with another rip roaring hour of potty humor from Japan. This week: Alek leaves r/japancirclejerk in shame, Cal greases bottoms, and our old friend Dr. Jeffry returns to answer listener health questions and plug his new book "The Hole Inside You."

Track of the week: Pai No Pai No Pai (パイのパイのパイ) by Moriyama Kayoko (森山加代子)

Intro music by Clint Breeze

Mar 10, 2019

This week the boys met on the Machida riverside to discuss these urgent matters:

  • PowerPoint full of broken ding dongs
  • New game! Everyday yokai 
  • New game! Real or fake Jpop group names
  • Everybody's having babies!
  • More!

Track of the week: 恋は桃色(Koi Wa Momo Iro) by Haruomi Hosono

Feb 24, 2019

This week Alek has trouble pronouncing kawaii while the group fails to fully grasp what the word means. Other topics of note include: avoiding the 2019 Tokyo flu epidemic, nasal penetration and the Shadow of Colossus remake. Sorry Alek's mic wasn't recording for the first bit :/ Check out the video for this episode on our YouTube channel!

Special thanks to guests Erik and Negima the Fenchie.

Track of the week: Equal Romance by Coco

Feb 11, 2019

This week Cal and Alek clear up Kyle's misgivings toward modern dentistry while Kyle and Alek share thoughts on Western fast food in Japan. Then we play the new fan favorite game about Japanese movie names again.

Track of the week: Yume No Naka E by Yosui Inoue

Jan 30, 2019

This week Kyle, Cal and Alek drink three Japanese whisky standards of varying repute while fixing the biggest problem with applause. 

Track of the week: Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand by Melt Banana

Jan 13, 2019

3 special young men return from a lengthy hiatus to sample some canned beverages from the konbini and discuss modern einka music, bicycle etiquette in Tokyo, name pronunciation challenges and more.

Track of the week: Ruten no Hatoba by Yamauchi Keisuke

Sep 2, 2018

You've heard of the thermal sensation scale, but do you know the other important sensations scales? In this episode we tell you all about them. Then we give you some tips to get more out of your time in Japan.

Stick around until the end for our formal hiatus announcement. We love every single butt hole and will be back!

Intro music by | Track of the week: Beautiful Morning With You by The Pillows

Jul 22, 2018

In this episode: Alek skateboards on a Japanese mountain and his butt gets gross, then the boys find themselves interfering with a strange government conspiracy involving tiny stink clones. Finally, Alek teaches us how to identify konbini manga porn.   

Special mentions: Brady Foster (@zookelow,      

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Praha in Spring by Ruins

Jul 1, 2018

In this episode: Kyle returns to the physical realm from his newly completed metaphysical chrysalis bearing good news of beer foam, sad tiny food, taking it slow in Tokyo, and other stuff too.      

Special mentions: @KintsugiStyle, @love2chiitan, @Ant_Cleveland, @joeyjiuliani, @GaijinWota     

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Meiko Nakahara - Peppermint no Asa

Jun 19, 2018

In this episode: Alek is back on his AMV shit, Kyle's effort to be nicer to Alek has extreme repercussions, and Alek espouses hateful rhetoric against bearotaurs. Ah jeez, what an ep!   

Special mentions: Dori (@Bigwasp80), Dead Frogs Podcast (@dead_frogs), Viddy Well (@ViddyWellBlog), Rainbow Tofu (@KitsuneTofu), and Zac (@GaijinWota).   

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Lupin the Third '78

Jun 10, 2018

This week is all about pulling yourself up by your own butt straps, and getting out there and hitting the pavement to improve your Japanese speaking ability. You'll learn some real advice sprinkled with generous amounts of nonsense and good times.   

Special mentions: Super Fun Time Trivia Podcast, Hanzai Podcast and the musical stylings of @to6okegao 

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Rappa To Musume by Kasagi Shizuko

Jun 3, 2018

Kyle and Alek are back together for some old fashioned ToSplo fun, including:

  • Alek boards the ship to the eternal Grey Havens of Nagano,   
  • Ramen slurping ring of power,   
  • Dentists in Japan,   
  • Skateboarding problems,   
  • Accidental cat food reprised,   
  • More!    

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Mystical Composer by Kikuchi Momoko (菊池桃子)

May 28, 2018

Half robot, half prince, all wonderful fake bit artist Robotprins joined Kyle, Zac and Sam to discuss:

  • Getting anatomical and making music in Japan
  • Robotprins's favorite Mega Man music
  • Working with YMCK on their newest album, and performing with them live
  • Chip tunes vs. fake bit
  • Creating the signature Robotprins sound

Featured Track: ミラクルグラヴィティ (Miracle Gravity) feat. Robotprins by YMCK  |  Intro music by

May 20, 2018

This week Kyle, Cal and Sam talked to K-Jin from KoreanClass101 and YouTuber Megster about:

  • K-Jin's super hardcore high school
  • Severe discipline vs. unstructured passion
  • Adapting to life as a foreigner in Japan, the US and Canada
  • South and North Korea optimism
  • More!

Intro music by

Special thanks: K-Jin from KoreanClass101, Megster on YouTube, Nate Dawg, @nicestepsjapan on Instagram 

May 13, 2018

Kyle was joined by his pals Cal and Zac during Tokyo Splosion's all day live stream on May 3, 2018. And whatta ya know, we accidentally made a super informative episode about how to see Japan by local train, going to live music events in Japan, being thrifty to make your money go further, and more fun stuff!

Special thanks to JaDan (@jadandandan) and our guests Cal Meyer (@nicestepsjapan on Insta) and Zac Saxton (@GaijinWota)

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Toumei Ningen (透明人間) by Tokyo Jihen.

Apr 29, 2018

This week: Put some stank on whitey, Alek thing or American thing?, curry dynamics, the Alek Lake anagram, remembering Isao Takahata, Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Miraculous Sloth Syrup.

Special mentions: Sofa King Podcast (@sofakingpodcast), Tokyo Munchies (@tokyo_munchies), Screaming Metal (@millisbrent), BIG thank you to Mike Austin and his sweet sweet wife Mrs. Mr. Mike Austin.

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: First Light by Makoto Matsushita

Apr 22, 2018

This week:

  • Cat Stevens writes and performs an oddly uplifting song about Tipper Gore-esque censorship of our episode art,
  • duped by canned coffee branding, 
  • How to get over the fear of mistakes when speaking a new language
  • We get to the bottom of dog strollers in Japan
  • So much more!

Special mentions: Ice and the Face podcast, Name of God podcast, The Podcouple podcast 

|  Intro music by  | Featured track: Miki Matsubara - Stay With Me

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